Thursday, June 14, 2012

What kind of shoes would your bookmark wear?

About a month ago, I saw the cutest bookmarks on SneakPeeq and actually bought one for a friend. Considering the book marks are regularly $25 through the Etsy shop MyBookmark, I got a pretty good deal.
These things are so cute that I decided I was going to try and attempt to make a couple myself because I can’t afford to keep paying that kind of money for a bookmark.  I have never really worked with clay before and have very minimal painting skills, but I went for it anyway. Although they aren’t nearly as good as the one’s sold at MyBookmark's, I think they are cute. I made one for myself and one for my dad for Father’s Day.
My dad has worn cowboys boots everyday of his life that I have known him and he also enjoys reading so I made him these. I thought the individual boots looked pretty even until I attached them to the bookmark. One leg goes higher than the other but we’ll just say that it adds to the charm.   005002
The bookmark I bought for my friend was called “Wicked.” She is moving away so everyone in the book club is going to give her a bookmark that has some sort of meaning behind it and she is a huge “Wicked” fan. I loved her bookmark so much when it came in the mail, that I decided to  make myself a copycat one. I’m pretty excited about the way it turned out and am seriously in L-O-V-E with the ruby red slippers. 079083086
I need to work on my clay sculpting skills, but I think these may become a staple in my gift giving repertoire for all my book loving friends.
So…What kind of shoes would your bookmark wear?

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