Saturday, June 16, 2012

Memory T-Shirt Quilt

I finished the T-shirt quilt that I’ve been making for my grandma out of my uncle Mike’s t-shirts. He passed away earlier this year and I asked her for some of his old shirts so I could make her a memory quilt. She  is one of those people who is always cold (I can totally relate), but soon she will be able to wrap herself up in a warm, snuggly quilt filled with memories of her youngest son. 001007

I used a featherweight fusible stabilizer on the inside of the t-shirts  before I cut them out. This helped the squares keep their shape while cutting and piecing them. Some of the leftover backs were used to make the superhero capes for my nephew’s birthday.

I used flannel for the sashing, backing, and binding so it is extra warm and cozy. I had to hand quilt it because it was too bulky for my cheap-o sewing machine to handle, so I kept it extremely basic and just quilted around each square. It’s a simple quilt filled with lots of love and memories.

1 comment:

  1. what a nice project! i'm sure she really appreciates having that.

    i have been thinking about putting together a t-shirt quilt from my race t-shirts (since i never really wear them after I get them). but the different types of materials involved kind of scare me since i'm not crafty in the first place... maybe someday i'll figure something out.