Friday, June 1, 2012

Recycled T-shirt Super Hero Capes

My uncle passed away a few months ago and I couldn’t make it back home for the funeral, but I asked my Grandma to send me some of his favorite T-shirts so I could make her a memory quilt out of them. I finished the top to the quilt this week but I still need to sandwich, quilt, and bind it so no pictures yet. BUT, after cutting out all the pictures from the fronts of the shirts, I decided to use the leftover backs of the shirts to make my nephew some Super Hero capes for his upcoming birthday.

Super Hero Capes 003

They were so quick and easy to put together. I just cut off the arms and freehanded a basic cape shape of what was left of the t-shirt, making sure to leave the entire neckband attached. This way, I didn’t even have to worry about using velcro or making ties to hold it on. I found different Super Hero logo images online and printed them out to use as patterns for the logos on the capes, which I cut out of felt.

Super Hero Capes 008Super Hero Capes 010Super Hero Capes 011

I just ordered a couple of Super Hero books to go along with the capes so I can get them sent off before his big day.

Usually when I’m crafting, I’m happy I have all girls because there are so many cute things out there to make for them. This was definitely an exception. These were so fun to make, it almost made me wish I had a boy. Luckily, I have nephews!


  1. Very cute capes. What a clever idea.

  2. I should make these for my boys. They LOVE capes. And we have tons of old t-shirts lying around.

    1. You totally should make some for your boys. They are really easy. My girls are even asking for capes now.