Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ruffle Cake

I’ve seen ruffle cakes all over the internet lately and finally had the opportunity to make one. My oldest daughter turned 11 and I needed something quick and easy. The ruffle cake was just that. I found this tutorial on YouTube if you are interested in making one yourself. It seriously only took me about 10 minutes. My hand was sore when I was done because I had to use a stiffer frosting which meant I had to squeeze the pastry bag pretty hard to pipe the ruffles. I tried to use a thinner consistency at first, but the ruffles just melted into each other. I’m blaming the Florida humidity. Hailey's 11th Birthday 008
The day before, I made a pennant banner for a topper out of scrapbook paper, floral wire, and a couple of thin dowels. Hailey's 11th Birthday 014
She loved it!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

“We’ve moved” cards and a cheesy thank you idea

We have been in our new place for almost 2 weeks, but I’m finally settled enough so I got to work this weekend.
First, I made some cookies and “Thank You” cards for the men at church who helped us move. I hate asking for help, but my hubby and I did 99% of the work and there were just a few large items (piano, hutch, and an elliptical machine) that we couldn’t do alone. I made them very basic hand-shaped sugar cookies with a card that said, “Thanks for giving us a hand.” My husband thought it was too cheesy but I didn’t let that stop me.
We've moved cards 015
I also got my Cricut back in action and made “We’ve moved” cards. Because I had to make a few dozen of them, I kept them very simple, but I like they way they turned out.
We've moved cards 004
We've moved cards 008
I just used paper I had on hand and didn’t have enough of any one type of paper to make them all the same, so I picked a color scheme and stuck with that. If I can get them all filled out and put in the mail in the next few days, I will be happy.

Friday, August 12, 2011

OWLways thinking of you

Before I left Las Vegas, a friend mentioned some owls that she had seen in the Pottery Barn Kids catalog and told me that when she saw them, she thought, “Christina could easily make those. “ So of course I had to check them out and I thought, “I could totally make those.”
Here are the PB owls:
PB Kids Owls
I drew up my own pattern and made my owl with fabric leftover from this blanket and some other scraps I happened to have on hand. Here is my much funkier version:
PB owl knockoff 001
Since the owl is for a little girl who is going through more than any little girl her age should have to, I made an owl themed card to go along with it letting her know that even though we can’t be with her, we will “OWLways”  be thinking of her.
PB owl knockoff 014
Hopefully it will make her day a little brighter when it shows up in the mail.

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