Sunday, August 14, 2011

“We’ve moved” cards and a cheesy thank you idea

We have been in our new place for almost 2 weeks, but I’m finally settled enough so I got to work this weekend.
First, I made some cookies and “Thank You” cards for the men at church who helped us move. I hate asking for help, but my hubby and I did 99% of the work and there were just a few large items (piano, hutch, and an elliptical machine) that we couldn’t do alone. I made them very basic hand-shaped sugar cookies with a card that said, “Thanks for giving us a hand.” My husband thought it was too cheesy but I didn’t let that stop me.
We've moved cards 015
I also got my Cricut back in action and made “We’ve moved” cards. Because I had to make a few dozen of them, I kept them very simple, but I like they way they turned out.
We've moved cards 004
We've moved cards 008
I just used paper I had on hand and didn’t have enough of any one type of paper to make them all the same, so I picked a color scheme and stuck with that. If I can get them all filled out and put in the mail in the next few days, I will be happy.

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