Friday, November 18, 2011

Fort in a bucket

For my sister’s kids’ Christmas present, I made them a Family Fort Kit. I wanted to do something that they could all enjoy together and help build memories. I loved building blanket forts as a kid (who didn’t?) and thought it would be fun to put everything they might need for their fort in a big bucket and send it off to them. 010003006

I included vinyl tablecloths, twine, clothespins, suction cup hooks, binder clips for building their fort and games, books, and popcorn for enjoying in their fort once it’s built. I used my Cricut to cut the vinyl lettering for the lid. Now I just have to get it shipped.


  1. Ha! So funny that I commented last year and am back to look at it again! I still love it! Thanks!

  2. Okay, and now that I'm looking closer, what are those "1001" books? Those look fun.