Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Double Nine Patch Quilt

I bought the kit for this quilt over three years ago from a quilt shop in Kansas. I pieced it shortly after getting it but then it sat unfinished for quite sometime. About a year ago, I decided to finish it and got the top, batting, and backing all pinned together and ready to be quilted. Unfortunately, the actual quilting is my least favorite part of quilt making (mostly because I really don’t have the right sewing machine for the task, especially on a quilt this large) and so it sat for another while just waiting to be quilted. I gradually quilted a little at time and finally finished the last bit of quilting and started binding it yesterday. Today, I finished the binding and am so relieved to have finally finished my quilt.
This is the first quilt  that I have made just for ME and maybe that is part of the reason why it took so long. Every time I thought of a project for someone else, it would get put on the back burner and forgotten. 
It is a reproduction of a vintage quilt that belongs to the quilt shop where I bought the kit. While I love all the modern quilt patterns and fabrics that are available today, I really appreciate quilts that have a story and some history behind them. I don’t know if it gets cold enough in Florida to use it much, but I sure like looking at it.

Baby Girl Gifts

I made some simple applique onesies, a cap, and my first pair of shoes ever for a friend who is having her 7th (yes, you read that right) baby. She is an amazing person and I wish I could be half as good of a mom to my 4 that she is to her 6, almost 7 kids. 002

My husband was very skeptical of my ability to pull off the shoes, but I think they turned out cute and he admitted that, despite his doubts, they actually look like shoes. I used the pattern found here to make them. 008

I just winged it when it came to the cap and, since I don’t have any babies at home, am hoping that it fits like it should. 006

I got several more friends who are expecting baby girls so there will be more girly stuff to come.