Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Baby Girl Gifts

I made some simple applique onesies, a cap, and my first pair of shoes ever for a friend who is having her 7th (yes, you read that right) baby. She is an amazing person and I wish I could be half as good of a mom to my 4 that she is to her 6, almost 7 kids. 002

My husband was very skeptical of my ability to pull off the shoes, but I think they turned out cute and he admitted that, despite his doubts, they actually look like shoes. I used the pattern found here to make them. 008

I just winged it when it came to the cap and, since I don’t have any babies at home, am hoping that it fits like it should. 006

I got several more friends who are expecting baby girls so there will be more girly stuff to come.

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