Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ruffle Cake

I’ve seen ruffle cakes all over the internet lately and finally had the opportunity to make one. My oldest daughter turned 11 and I needed something quick and easy. The ruffle cake was just that. I found this tutorial on YouTube if you are interested in making one yourself. It seriously only took me about 10 minutes. My hand was sore when I was done because I had to use a stiffer frosting which meant I had to squeeze the pastry bag pretty hard to pipe the ruffles. I tried to use a thinner consistency at first, but the ruffles just melted into each other. I’m blaming the Florida humidity. Hailey's 11th Birthday 008
The day before, I made a pennant banner for a topper out of scrapbook paper, floral wire, and a couple of thin dowels. Hailey's 11th Birthday 014
She loved it!

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