Sunday, June 20, 2010

Boys, Boys, Boys

I know at least a dozen ladies who are pregnant or have given birth in the last couple of weeks and every single one of them is having or has had a boy. Not a single girl in the whole bunch! I very jokingly asked Cameron if we should hurry and get pregnant. He very seriously answered, "NO!" No worries, I always wanted a house full of girls so life is good!  Anyway...I have had a lot of fun making some more little boy onesies and burp cloths for gifts.


  1. How interesting that so many of your friends are having boys. The gifts look great. :)

  2. And We love the car one! You knew that my boys are into cars, didn't you! I have this feeling that I am going to be a mom of all boys! (this is our 2nd!) Thanks for the cute suprise!!!