Friday, July 2, 2010

4th of July T-Shirts

I saw some really cute ideas online for 4th of July t-shirts and decided I was going to make them this year. Usually we just buy some cheap ones at Target or Old Navy. Hailey and Kennday's were very simple and I had them done in no time. I knew Payton and Taylor's would be a little more time consuming, but they ended up taking a lot longer than I had anticipated. However, I love the way they all turned and am glad that I accidentally bought the shirts way too big (I was expecting them to shrink up a bunch like most cheapy t-shirts do, but these things didn't shrink at all) so they can wear them for a year or too.

Hailey and Kennady's shirts are just made of cute gingham. They were so easy!!!
Payton and Taylor's shirts are made with ruffled grosgrain red and white ribbon, blue cotton, and really little white buttons. What a pain, but so cute!!!