Saturday, July 14, 2012

Road Trip Pillowcases

Anyone who has been on Pinterest in the last few months has probably seen these road trip pillowcases by Amazing Mae pinned all over the place. When I saw them, I just had to make my girls some for our upcoming road trip. Rather than making the actual pillowcases, I used  a couple of pillowcases I already had from a sheet set I bought on clearance and used the flat sheet for the back of the T-shirt memory quilt I made. I then bought two more pillowcases from the cheap bedding section at Wal-Mart. It was cheaper than buying the fabric to make them and saved me a big step. All I needed to do was make the pockets with the girls’ initials and sew on a handle.
It will be so great for each girl to be able to carry their own pillow and their books, crayons, etc. and still have extra hands to spare. 006008009010011013


  1. So cute and by the way, the elmer and the dragon is my favorite kids series EVER!!!

    1. Thanks! I had never heard of the Elmer and the Dragon series until my friend Bethany recommended them. She is the most avid reader I know so I knew I couldn't go wrong with them. My kids love them.