Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Kennady's Halloween Costume

After spending too much time and money last year making Hailey's witch and Payton's Tinkerbell costumes, I decided to keep it simple this year. Luckily the costumes I made last year still fit them, so they have no choice but to be the same thing again. Kennady decided she wanted to be a witch like her big sister. I bought some cheap, black fabric on sale at JoAnn's and made a pillowcase dress. The best part about it is that the fabric doesn't fray so I didn't even bother finishing off the edges. I also found the silly witch headband on sale at JoAnn's for a couple of dollars. I think the most expensive thing I got were the tights.

If you have never made a pillowcase dress before, they are really simple. There are great, detailed tutorials all over craft blogs if you just google it. Basically, I just took 2 rectangles of fabric and folded over the top edge on each rectangle a little more than an each. I sewed about an inch down from the fold on each rectangle to make a casing. Then, placing the right sides  of each rectangle together, I started sewing about 6 inches down from the top on each side. After that, I just fed the ribbon through the casings and her costume was ready to go. So EASY!!!

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