Monday, June 6, 2011

Hudson’s Birthday Gift

My favorite 1 year old has his birthday today, but we went to his house last night to celebrate. For his gifts, I made a stuffed bear from a pattern that I got from a book and a reversible hat. Making the bear was a bigger pain than I planned.  The darned thing would line up when I pinned it together, but when I actually sewed it together, it would get out of line. After undoing and redoing it a couple of times, I just made do so its nose turned out funny and its ears are out of line. Cameron told me it looks like an armadillo. The kids say it looks like a pig. Whatever it is, it was a pain in the you know what and it’s a good thing that Hudson is only one year old and doesn’t know the difference. I thought the reversible hat would be the tricky one, but I whipped that thing up in no time from a tutorial I found here and think it turned out cute. At least you can tell what it is supposed to be anyway.

Happy Birthday Hudson!

Hudson's Birthday 006

Hudson's Birthday 007

Hudson's Birthday 010

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